Tag: shore birds

A Little Bird Lesson

A little bird taught me a very good lesson today. While watching a flock of Dunlins on the rip rap at Indian River Inlet, a small Sanderling caught my eye. This darling little sanderling was hopping around on one leg, the other tucked under him. He was a […]

On the Beach

Hey Moe..what do you think she’s doing? I have no idea Joe. She keeps staring at us. What do you think? Think it’s safe to walk by her? Let’s tell Mr. Willit that the coast is clear. Hey, Mr. Sanderling – Go for it! Moe and Joe, along […]


Today felt as if everything I was looking for kept running away from me. I had heard of a rare gull in a local park and I rushed down there, only to wait in the cold wind. The one I was looking for had taken off, leaving the […]

A Ruddy Turnstone

Hello, I’m a Ruddy Turnstone. Also known as “Engraved Light Green Flag #J5m”. I was first found in 2009 in Mispillion Harbor, Delaware and I was migrating along with a lot of my friends. There are thousands of us. Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings, Black Bellied Plovers, Western Sandpipers, Red […]