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Spirit of the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf, You who wanders the wild lands, You who stalks in silent shadows, You who runs and leaps between the moss-covered trees, lend me your primal strength, and the wisdom of your glowing eyes. Teach me to relentlessly track my desires. And to stand in […]


A little gosling yoga session in the late afternoon along the water. A stretch here, a stretch there. Winding down for the evening. A serene evening, where all is safe and calm. ‚ÄúPeace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. […]

And the Awards Go To….

The Reader Appreciation Award, presented to me by Reene at CRAVESADVENTURE is an opportunity for me to thank some of the kindest bloggers that I’ve met. With their generous comments and faithful readership, their following keeps me motivated to keep blogging. It is such an honor to know […]