Suriqui Island

Suriqui Island is a small island in Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian side near Huatajata. A small village that is home to under 1,600 residents is known for the Reed styled boat makers that use Totora reeds growing on the lake which can date back to pre-Colombian times. […]

Aymaras of Bolivia

One cannot visit Bolivia without being immediately impressed upon the large Indigenous population that makes the country thrive. In fact, over 62% of Bolivia’s people are of Indigenous ancestry and of 36 ethnic groups, the majority of them are Aymara or Quechua. My father dedicated a good portion […]

Lake Titicaca

After our two night stay in La Paz, Bolivia it was time for us to increase elevation and visit the beautiful Lake Titicaca. With the snow-topped glacier mountains of the Cordillera Real in the backdrop, we began our long drive towards Copacabana around the eastern edge of the […]

Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna is a natural and unique feature that is unexpected so close to the people packed hustle and bustle of La Paz. Rumored to have been named Moon Valley by astronaut Neil Armstrong this fact has been hard to prove. The rock formations in the […]

Verdant Yungas

The Yungas area I remember was a highland cloud forest, verdant and full of intrigue. The Yungas I remember held waterfalls and streams with boundless butterflies and singing tropical birds. Hidden Inca paths and sleepy Aymara towns that whisper of a time past that still exists today. It […]

Returning to Bolivia

As a younger lass, my father was an Latin American Anthropologist, and my mother a native of Bolivia. A country filled of contrasts, vibrant with life and certainly a lesser traveled destination. I had lived in La Paz, Bolivia during part of my high-school years, attending the prestigious […]