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The Story Behind the Picture

As a nature and wildlife photographer, and truly any photographer that wants to progress in their profession, Marketing and Promotion is an essential part of the equation. When speaking with several professional photographers that have been around a while, they spend a majority of their time Marketing and […]

The Dogs of Paris

Parisians love their dogs and in return their dogs love them back. Part of the cityscape, dogs and their guardians are seen throughout. Perhaps one of the most amazing things to me was that many dogs were walked on the city streets without a leash. They would just […]

Honored to Be Accepted

As a budding digital artist, there is a level of uncertainty as to whether or not other people think your work is worthy enough for exhibit. Entering into photo and art contests is not something I regularly do. There are many photographers that do and are quite successful […]

Ode to Javalin

With a saddened heart I had to say goodbye to a Noble Beast today. Javalin who was large as life in both size and heart has been suffering for sometime now due to a suppressed immune system. A year has past and I watched him slowly weaken and […]