Zorro and Esperanza

I’m pleased to share with you that the family of Zorro and Esperanza are doing quite well. With three little ones in the nest, Zorro is busy throughout the day bringing fresh fish and new sticks for Esperanza and his family.

The Three Musketeers are getting along better and Esperanza is careful to share fish bits with each of the kids.

They are getting bigger by the day and from what I gather they should fledge from the nest around July 4th week.

In the meantime I’m enjoying gazing out and watching this beautiful Osprey family enjoy the Chesapeake Bay.

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      • Thanks, Emily. We have an osprey or two that hang around Huntley Meadows Park, but I don’t think that anyone has spotted a nest. The nearest ones that I know of are on the Potomac River and I haven’t visited one recently.

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