26 thoughts on “Eat Your Greens

  1. This photo put a smile on my face, Bella. Yes, eat your greens! I know some dogs that love their lettuce more than their kibbles as snacks. How was the beans? Perpetua.

    • Since we’re on the topic of dogs protecting food. My friend came down with her 1 1/2 year old doberman girl dog and we had lunch on the sidewalk outside. Once we were served, seemed puppy had a serious need to protect my lunch. Every time a dog would walk by she would growl, bark and lunge at them. Once she felt she did a good job protecting, she’d stick her nose right to my plate to check to make sure it was safe. Then looked at me as if to say..ok, it’s protected, so where’s mine?

      I didn’t share… 🙂

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