Project 365/284 – One Upset Eagle


It’s been a really full day of photography. Beginning with a friend and attending a morning “Birds of Prey” Photography workshop with David Muse of Baltimore Photo Safari, the opportunity to photograph six raptors in natural settings was spectacular.

Ending with this beautiful American Bald Eagle, who came out of his cage rather upset and with a minor injury on his wing. He was quite vocal with his discontent, so only a few moments were allowed to try to capture him before he was returned to his sanctuary.

About 700 images were captured of these six birds, and it’ll take a while to go through and process.  But that was just the beginning of the day for photographs. My friend Portraits by Alicyn Drew attended the photo workshop with me, and I enlisted her for some additional shooting.

Beginning with a pair of Corvettes that are to be put up for sale shortly, and ending with a portrait shoot at the barn with Remy Martin and Javalin.

I’m looking forward to seeing Alicyn’s magic that she creates between her camera and stellar Photoshop ability.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Bella

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