2013 Project 365

Project 365/195 – “It’s a Yacht, not a Boat”

What is it? Is it a boat or a yacht? Actually, any boat that is not a working boat and has a cabin can be considered a yacht.

Although the residents of Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island knows how to take the word “Yacht” to the extreme. With their million dollar yachts that are impeccably maintained, these yachts provide a luxurious way to enjoy the waterways.

Even the little cuddy boats are darling that transport the support crew.

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      • Technically, that’s true, but other than a few marinas that refer to yachts, most people around the Great Lakes just call their yachts boats. Even the people who own the yachts used for the big sailing races like the Chicago to Mackinac call their boats boats.

        I have an interesting story about the Northport to Mackinac race. On the morning before the race, I went to the only restaurant in Northport for breakfast, as did many of the participants of the race. The waitresses had decided to go on strike that morning to teach their boss a lesson, but the cook had shown up. The place was jammed, with a waiting line outside.

        After a brief discussion, we all decided that we would write down our orders ourselves and put our names on our orders. The cook took the orders, and would call out the name on the order when he had finished it.

        I was “served” breakfast by one of the owners of a million dollar plus racing yacht, others went around refilling people’s coffee cups, and one of the organizers of the race ran the till. I think that the cook probably made more money that morning than he typically did in a month, because every one was leaving huge tips.

        When one table of people had finished their breakfast, they would take over as the waitresses serving the people who had been waiting to get in. It actually ran quite smoothly, I don’t think that the real waitresses were even missed.

  1. Quietsolopursuits, what a great story! Here we distinguish them by sail or motor, and they are still boats 🙂 Yachts are the really big ones!

    Visiting for the first time via Leanne’s introduction. Now to find some of those eagles!

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