2013 Project 365

Project 365/190 – Road Trip


Catching up from yesterday as I was a busy beaver getting for a road trip.

Where are you going you ask? North! To get out of the Maryland summer heat. Get ready to cool down with me on coastal Maine.

It’s time to enjoy Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park for a couple of weeks.

Still on the road but enjoying some gorgeous Vermont scenery.

This diner was an authentic greasy spoon at a truck stop. It was original and sort of icky. No way would I eat there, but cool to look at.

Captured with iPhone 4S edited in HDR pro

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  1. Great capture of the diner! Welcome to New England! How lucky you are to spend so much time in Maine, I’m so envious here! I’m sure that you will have some spectacular photos to share.

    • You are truly too kind. We were here for a week last year and I realized it wasn’t nearly enough time for exploration. Thus the two weeks this year. Although I’m going to miss the ponies tremendously.

    • I thought so too ! Really cool looking place..that is until you walk inside. Trust me..I can handle nearly everything, after living in Bolivia. But this place..no way would I eat or spend more than a couple of minutes there. It’s a shame though.

      • Yeah, that’s too bad. Missed opportunity on the owner’s part … Still, we can look at the photo and “make it” whatever we want! πŸ™‚

  2. I hope that you enjoy Maine as much as you normally do. This place looks like a step up from the typical truck stop greasy spoon, and if you describe it as just icky, it has to be a step up!

  3. I’m only missing 4 States on my magnetic map of the U.S. Campers will know what I’m talking about πŸ˜‰ Maine is one of them. Oh I can’t wait to get there in fall. Thank you for giving me some anticipation!

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