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Right-clicking Images from Websites, Pinterest and Google

Can’t believe that website can exist that encourages copyright violations. And just wait..they plan on starting to sell images on their website in the future with a never-do-will to the photographer/owner.

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This past weekend some friends and I were discussing how some people use images from Pinterest, Facebook and Google Images.  I shared a copyright infringement story with them, and told how shocked I have been recently to find so many of my images ‘shared’ on Pinterest.  But I should be honored, right? Flattered that an award-winning photograph had been ‘pinned’ without my permission and uploaded, and basically been given to the world wide web to be used however they’d like!  I think that that person who pinned the above image agreed before adding the image that they owned or had permission to share it.

This past week WordPress put their spotlight on reblogging and also on Using Other People’s Images.   Both posts received a lot of interesting feedback, including a link to  DON’T STEAL MY STUFF, DUDE  – Laura at ‘Lolabees’ states her clear case and…

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  1. Emily, I thought on Pinterest that the original website/artist’s information was included when someone pinned/shared it. Is that not correct? Eek, if it’s not, I’d better make sure I have everything watermarked then? Is that what you do??

    • It does show the originator, but that doesn’t mean you approved the pin, or have any control with what happens to your work once it gets there. Even with the watermark, unless its dead center of the image, they can easily crop or photoshop it out.

      • Emily, is there any way to do some kind of block against pinning of your work? I admit I was clueless about this, assuming that any of our work could indeed get pinned from our websites/blogs – but always figured that if the originator was included that at least we got that credit. With your photos, especially though, I can understand why this is not a good thing… ;(

        • Supposedly there is an HTML code that you can enter into each post, but I don’t remember it. I think Pinterest now has a form that the person has to say they have rights to the image when pinning, but people just click through.
          There were over 6 of my photos there two weeks ago, but now I only saw one. I have to search under multiple configurations of my bellaremyphotography name to try to find them.

        • I must admit that I am confused about the sharing of images via social media. We share other people’s art/fashion/images, all the time on Facebook and Twitter, and consider that a good thing for those whom we are sharing. I personally love it if anyone shares one of my images anywhere, including on Pinterest – it moves the label AND spreads the word about the work I’m doing thru’ my hats for the retired racehorses. But my work is fashion, not photography, and I understand the difference. Still, I can so understand your frustration, Emily… I did see something, in my research last night, about the code you can plug into your HTML on any given webpage or individual photo. I tried it, on one of my own individual hat webpages, but couldn’t seem to get it to block the pinning of that page. And I SO wanted to be able to pass along a solution to you, but I tried! 😉 Sorry to take up so much room here, I should get your email, LOL!

      • Many museums allow you to take photos of masterpieces, but I was uncertain whether I could upload my photos on my blogs. So I went on line to do some research and this is what I found. It seems that everything is being reconsidered so as to ensure the integrity of the creative endeavors. We live in interesting times.

  2. Don’t get me started on this one, I won’t upload any photo of mine anywhere on the web until after I have reduced the size and quality to the point where the photos aren’t worth stealing. The terms of service of nearly every one of the social media outlets states that they have the right to anything they want even if it was stolen by some one else first.

  3. I rarely reblog but I was thinking about reblogging Z’s very important post., and I think I’ll do. We need to spread the word, too many people just don’t know whats right and wrong.

  4. Copyright laws are very important to me also. Although I’m not a photographer, I do post many unwatermarked photos. I also have a lot of text out there (b/4 blogging). I’ve seen many ways that can stop the right click action of copying the photo. I’m no webmaster, but I can ask one. Text, on the other hand is way too easy to steal. I’ll either re-comment or write a post when I find out! Thanks for the heads up.
    Oh, btw. WordPress is safe. You own all your stuff. That’s why I chose them to blog with.

    • The idea is that if you take the photo or write the text, you automatically own it. However that doesn’t sto anyone from taking your work and using it as they will.
      BTW, have you ever looked at your stats and seen the clicks on images there? Most likely these images are being right clicked and saved on someone’s hard drive. Even with WP, this happens.

      I add the watermark, but it doesn’t stop people from pinning my images. They LOVE my Peru photos.
      If you notice, I also have a remark on the top right of my page – do not pin. They still do it !!

  5. I was thinking clicks on images on my blog was from people who wanted to see the pictures bigger.. 😉
    I have a website, a photo gallery-site (through Photoshelter). I try to remember to link every photo I use on my WP blog to a gallery on my site, and from Photoshelter it is very difficult to steal a picture. No right-klicking possible. If people really want my pictures they can buy them from my site, from 1 dollar for personal use, and they can be downloaded leagally without a watermark. I also have hidden copyright-info on my files. By the way I always use downsized and watermarked pictures on my blog.
    But we need posts like Z’s and discussions like this to inform people, might help a tiny little bit!?

    • When you last revamped your blog, you really did it right. I also thought the click throughs were for people to see them larger, but alas, probably not. I also have my metadata embedded in the image. I agree, the more we share this type of information, the better.

  6. I never put my few favorite photos on the net, sad to say, and I reduce almost every image’s size, maybe not small enough. I’m OK with reblogging as it is done on WordPress but have only done so once, I’m not commercial in any sense, but they are MY images. It is frustrating.

    • It’s the way of the world alas. I also am putting my images on Flickr. More for myself than for marketing. I’m getting all sorts of people following me from the far east..I block them, but really…no pics and you want to see my pics? At least show you’re trying!!

      • Right, at least on Flickr you can set it to not allow downloads, though nothing is foolproof. I’m sitting on all these photos, many better than my average as I was actually trying to take really good photos, now trying to decide what to do with them.

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