2013 Project 365

Project 365/175 – Mushroom Hunting

Is it that I love adventure, or I love each and every one of you readers? Whatever the motivation may be, I found myself deep in the woods today. It was hot…It was humid…It was buggy…I nearly got lost.

All this in search of some cool mushrooms to show to you today. I figured with all of the rain and hot and humid days, surely mushrooms would be popping up everywhere. I went into a little known secret wooded area that have great wetlands and last year proved to have some amazing fungi.

Taking my new Canon Mark III, which has proven to have great ISO capabilities, I trudged into the woods without a tripod. Here is an example of a great image with a high ISO range. I must say, I’m so excited about the ISO capabilities of the Mark III. The image holds up wonderfully even with the high range and low light conditions.

1/1600 sec, f/4.0, ISO 3200. Noise reduction in Lightroom

1/1600 sec, f/4.0, ISO 3200. Noise reduction in Lightroom

Very quickly what I thought was a great idea proved to be not so smart. First it was super hot and humid. Second, the supposed new trail markers lead you all over the place and made no sense. At one point there were several of them in a circle. Weird… I think they did it on purpose to test one’s navigational skills. Thankfully I was smart enough to start my EveryTrail App on my iPhone 4S.

Not many mushrooms appeared. Saw some moss and green alien thingies.

untitled shoot-1077 untitled shoot-1065

Luckily I’ve been in these woods before, and even without a trail, I knew where I was heading – towards the wetland area. This required serious bushwacking and I probably sounded like an elephant traipsing through the woods. Spider webs were everywhere. I can’t tell you how many times I ran into one. If I face plant one more time into a spider web I think I’ll scream !!

At least I was able to find some fungi, but it looks like I’m a little early for the really cool ones. Hope you had a more refreshing day than I did.

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  1. We went to the Waterloo Recreational Area last week to hike a trail or two. My experience was very similar to yours and we did a lot of grumbling. We chose the Spring Lake trail because it was short and a spring fed lake sounded refreshing and well, cool. What was there was the stagnant end of a marsh. Even Lightroom couldn’t make it look inviting. 🙂

    • Haha ! That is funny Pat. I, of course, didn’t mention the sailor type language that was coming out of my mouth. After one and then another spider web.
      A marsh..beautiful but yet not so pretty. But what a great haven for wildlife.

      • What really ticked me off was that I didn’t get many photographs. I’m willing to endure quite a bit for the sake of a good image, but…. We ended up in a yuppy little town eating a nice lunch and taking photos of up-scale little shops. So much for wildlife. 🙂

  2. I give you a lot of credit for heading out in this muggy weather, it has unfortunately zapped all of my energy lately! So worth it though as your images are fantastic!

    • I tell you, if I hadn’t discovered electrolytes, and B-12, I would faint too. I use two supplements – Zipp Fiz and Cytomax. I drink Smartwater or electrolyte water daily even in winter. You can also try coconut water. Make sure it’s not been pasteurized. Good luck with the heat!

  3. You mean that there’s not an anti-spiderweb app for an iPhone yet?

    I’ve been known to pick up a light stick and wave it in front of myself as I walk through the woods this time of year to knock down the spiderwebs and hopefully knock any ticks waiting on low hanging leaves that I have to walk under.

    I loved the photos almost as much as the precise scientific terminology you used for the green alien thingies. 😉

    The new Mark III seems to be working well for you, I’m still saving for a 7D for myself, maybe next year.

    • I did to the stick swinging technique a bit, but kept losing the stick as I’d stop to take a picture. I gave up after a while as I was just too hot.
      Indeed, that is a very precise name for the green alien thingies. 🙂 Awesome ! You always do make me smile.
      Humm…7D? You’d be so happy !

  4. It’s always fun to hang out with a ‘fun-gi’! Ha! Can’t believe I was the first to joke on that =)

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