2013 Project 365

Project 365/171 – A Walk in the Park

A friend called to see if I’d be interested in heading over to Patapsco Valley State Park to hike all the hills we could find today. How could I resist? Of course I said yes, knowing that the hike would be a long 11-miler.

So off I went, to find my friend at Lost Lake. Once a feeder pond for the mill race that powered the Iron Works further down the river.

Lost Lake Glen Artney PVSP

Lost Lake
Glen Artney

It was a picture perfect day even if it was a bit warm and humid.


Along the way I got to enjoy some of the historical remnants of the past.

I got to enjoy clean water flowing down a rocky stream.

PSVP22JUN13-2762While dogs frolicked in the water. It was a good dog day.

We pondered on the craziness of the Off-Road bikers. Where does the trail go? We think they’re just nuts.


Wildlife was abound with chipmunks, tons of birds (no shots), an Eastern Box turtle, Β and a doe with her two fawns.

I wanted to stay and cool off in this pool below a waterfall. But alas, the hills called us and we continued on the trail.


Hope you were able to do something adventurous today and enjoyed the great outdoors like we did! Bella

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  1. I live my life vicariously through these photos. No walking today, trimming the hedges. The dogs must have loved being out in the outdoors with you.

  2. That looks awesome. Here I am, stuck at work in a massive desert, 2000Km from home. I have my camera, but barely the time to shoot.
    You know what? It sux looking at your awesome photos everyday and wondering how it is that you get to be hiking around such scenic places?
    When I leave this site, I have to take some equipment back to head office, so I was going to offer to drive the car back aswell, buy a swag and take loads of detours. But they have plans for the car and they need the gear back for servicing.
    Like Seeker, I must live vicariously at the moment.

    • OMG ! I really feel your pain ! Desert??? That must be miserable. Although somehow I’d find something interesting in all those granules of sand. Sounds like you’re working too hard and not enough play. You may have to pretend the car is broken so they can’t take it from you.
      It’s all about where you life right? I got lucky to end up in Maryland. It’s a great place to live.

      • If the car is broken, they just put it on a truck and take it back to the city.
        Where I live is a lot like where you live, different kind of bush, but very scenic, especially at this time of year, where the winter rains have brought out all the small flowers and seasonal plants.

        I actually love the desert, when I can get out into it and spend some time.
        We aren’t actually working hard either, that would make it easier.

        What’s the cost of land in Maryland? Might be worth looking at for later on.

  3. Your hikers are showing a lot of trail dust, a good sign! I wouldn’t have gotten past the tunnels or the picnic shelter, I love those kinds of places and can spend hours there. I’m glad that you continued on and blessed us with your photos of the rest of the hike.

    • That is funny – luckily there was also a stream next to the picnic shelter. I’d be in the water, you in the shelter bar-b-queing. πŸ™‚
      I am so sore today, it’s been way too long since I’ve hiked.

  4. You surely have transported a common walk in the park to a different realm altogether. Great post and photographs. As you think of that walk, what was your major take-away?


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