2013 Project 365

Happy Father’s Day

Carter genealogy


A wonderful Happy Father’s Day to all of those fathers and children out there. Here is my dad, who was an Anthropologist on the granite slide at Sacsayhuaman ruins in Cusco, Peru back in the 1950’s. This rock slide was for the Incan children of nobles.

Never knowing that my father had gone down this slide 50 years earlier, I slide down this slippery slope in 2012. Somehow channeling my dad without knowing it. Funny how things like this come full circle. Here’s hoping you are doing something wonderful today to help celebrate your dad.


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  1. That’s really cool, Emily. Your dad looks like a really fun person, and I’m sure would be tickled pink to see you doing the same thing 50 years later. πŸ™‚

  2. It is amazing the experiences that our parents have that are never really passed on to their children, I mean never really all of the details. I get how busy it gets, and how there are really only certain times when the questions get asked and answered. After those times pass we gather so many assumptions to fill in the holes in our knowledge. I don’t think we really ever really know our parents.

    • That is such the truth Charlie. My parents did really interesting things before I was born. I had no idea my father had done this until I cleaned my mother’s house out last summer and discovered this photo. All after my trip to Peru. Pretty cool!

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