2013 Project 365

Project 365/161 – Random

It’s been a great day with the ponies, but the humidity wore me out. Somehow my creative juices aren’t working very well today. I’ve got an idea here and there for my photo of the day, but just too lazy to pull it together.

Looking out my window I saw a new thief working at the bird feeders. Mind you, I’ve had this feeder for years and never have I seen a squirrel do this. Somehow he figured out how to open up the top and serve himself.

untitled shoot-3178

Below the feeders, the doves were having a social conversation.

untitled shoot-3179

I wandered down to the docks to see what I could find. The winds had picked up after yesterday’s storm, keeping the good birds well tucked away. Although this red canoe was laying forgotten by the stairs.

untitled shoot-3180-EditMother Goose is still sitting on her nest. I keep telling her it’s time to give up. But she is determined to get her eggs to hatch. Three other geese families showed up wanting dinner, so I wandered back up to the house and threw out some corn. Didn’t take long for a new squirrel to show up and dine on the goodies.

untitled shoot-3184

Everything is so brilliantly green here due to all of the rain this year. There were several small tornadoes in the storm that passed through last night. We were quite fortunate at the manor, and nothing happened. But at the barn, not 100 yards from where Remy sleeps there was a light one, taking down a number of branches and trees.

Truly a guardian angel was watching the horses. Hope you enjoyed this short meandering, and hope you can take a little bit of time out of your busy day to meander as well.



In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.

Laurence Sterne


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  1. And sometimes when those creative juices don’t appear . . . other more simpler things capture our thoughts and imaginations, and that is okay. It’s reasonable to give ourselves, as artists, permission to set “it” aside and take a break – the best work isn’t produced by forcing it to come out of ourselves. As much as I’d like, I don’t produce a painting a day – I might paint each day, but just can’t do one a day with my oil pastels for a number of reasons. With creativity, it sometimes takes me a couple of days to discover my next interesting subject and for me it’s okay because in the meantime I’m refreshing the creativity button by researching, reading about art, or looking at others work. Today I started two paintings – who knew? I didn’t plan on it and now I’m ready to go. Your mojo will be back before too long!

    So glad to hear you’re safe, as well as Remy! Tornado’s are my worst nightmare ~

    BTW, I like your photographs – even if the squirrel played the star role. The red boat, perfect scene as it’s nestled among the greens and cement steps – believe it or not, it’s a real beauty. Have a great evening.

    • You are truly amazing Mary. I agree, sometimes finding the simple things is what brings deep meaning. I can’t even imagine trying to paint or sketch daily. A camera is different. See something, SNAP ! I have lots of great ideas, but have regular life to attend to. I’d be traveling around the area daily if I didn’t have hubby, cats, horses, houses, etc. etc.
      We have another storm coming tonight. Supposedly a doozy.

  2. Pretty good photos for an “off” day!

    It sounds as though the plant life is growing as well there as it is here this year, quite a change from last year’s drought. I’m have trouble seeing birds four feet away because of how thick the leaves are on all the trees and bushes.

  3. Love the squirrel on the bird feeder! I try so desperately to get squirrel shots when I’m out but without fail my Mutley dog spots them either at the same time or before me and I can never get them before she sends them scurrying off up the trees! πŸ™‚

    • Now that’s what I need – Mutley Dog to chase my squirrels. I have so many, and they are so fat ! Love them though, they are just too cute. I did laugh visioning you trying to photography squirrels while dog is chasing them.

      • Well they would be fat if they keep pinching the bird food! They are cute though, they make me laugh the way their tails go as they run! Glad my Mutley/squirrel scenario gave you a giggle πŸ™‚

  4. I love the squirrels in my garden. I have a bird feeder hangin off my washing line near a tree and it’s very funny to see the squirrels climb up the tree and stretch out to the feeder. Hubby and I have had many laughs observing this behaviour. They always get the pickings from the ground too, as I make sure I always spill some.
    Great post!

  5. Squirrels make me laugh! I have a bunch by me, even a black female. The storm that just passed by you is on its way to me today. Weather man said it will be bad. Hopefully he’s wrong !

      • Ah, good ‘ol Lake Michigan to the rescue… I’m not a meteorologist (nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn), but many large, nasty storms come to a halt or fizzle out before arriving in Lake county, Il. We’re getting missed, huge, But we’re at least getting rain.

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