Random Things in the Sea Contest

THE GAME IS STILL ON ! Place your correct answers and get a print.

It’s time for a new Photo Guessing Game. Here are three random things I have seen in the ocean. Two are easy, one not so much.

For the first three readers that correctly guess the three things will receive an unframed 8 x 10 print of “Fleeting.” The popular sunset moving into the night scene in Maine.

Good luck and may the best person win!

20120725-IMG_0753IMG_1669 CK130605-2732

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  1. I’m too late…! Didn’t check in with my reader last night! 😦 humph! My guesses would’ve been right too! Oh well, you snooze you loose! Great shots though and fun game! 🙂

      • I’m guessing…:) Just thought i’d throw that in as a tease. But yes, sharks do eat stingrays. I had the privilege of diving at Stingray city in the Caymans. Quite an awesome experience. And their wing tips do come up triangular out of the water. Looks like your shot shows two broaching, a smaller above the larger?

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