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  1. I had no idea what a ‘Krispy Kreme’ was until I moved to Florida, where KK was created. The morning the movers brought my stuff to my new home, a new neighbor brought a box of KK’s over. OMG, I had just went to heaven, or more specifically, went to fatty-fat-fat-ville!! How could something so LIGHT and FLUFFY enlarge itself 10X while on it’s journey to my butt?!? Thank goodness I moved back to Illinois, where we only have Dunkin Donuts, which thank goodness, are not my bag. Wellll, maybe I can stop by DD for National Donut Day though…. =-)

    • I had no idea that KK was started in Florida. No wonder I remember them so well as a child. I believe this store is original. Next time I’ll get the big sign light up at night. What a nice (or perhaps mean) neighbor you had. Really they are pretty spectacular though. There is a local donut shop near where I live in Maryland. They’re Greek and make awesome donuts. DD has no chance!

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