2013 Project 365

Project 365/147 – Goose Goose Duck

I went down to the dock this evening to check on Mother Goose. I’m starting to get concerned about these very diligent parents. Their babies have yet to hatch out of their big egg capsules. On my way down, the first thing that caught my eye was this female mallard snuggled in the grass.

untitled shoot-5160

Father Goose was standing near his mate. Keeping ever diligent. He’s gotten used to me now and knows my goosey goosey call. I’m not a threat as I used to be as I usually bring down corn for them to eat.

untitled shoot-5171

Mother Goose was keeping her eggs warm. Last week she got fresh grass and redecorated her nest.

untitled shoot-5175

Looking up my first post on this goose couple, I’m guessing she laid her eggs the week of April 20th. With a 24-28 day incubation period, my suspicion that her eggs are bad is perhaps becoming a reality. I wonder how long she will stay loyal to her nest before finally abandoning the eggs. Although a few weeks ago, she had tossed out the one brown egg that I knew was bad.

I talked to her for a while and she cocked her head, appearing to be listening. While on the dock I decided to stay a while to see what other feathered friends would fly by. There were three Osprey flying over the river, two Great Blue Herons, a Belted Kingfisher, two Orchard Orioles that sang away but kept hidden.

Of course, the barn swallows were waiting for me to leave so that they could enjoy their favorite perches.

untitled shoot-5243Then a small group of grackles landed on an old cherry tree. Reminding me of a Hitchcock movie.

untitled shoot-5205

How I would like to share you the little babies of our goose family, but so far there have been no star appearances. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we would like it to.


I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

Michael Jordan



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  1. There may still be one or two of the eggs that hatch, but it’s looking doubtful. How did you get all the grackles to pose in positions that showed their colorful heads at one time?

  2. Wonderful photography! The Mallards that stay at the pond behind out house, surprised us on Monday with 8 babies walking as quick as their little bodies could go behind their mamma, about as cute as they get. They all came into the yard for a few seconds and then off on their way to continue exploring. So sad to hear about the goose, I suspect you’re right about the bad eggs.

    • You are more than kind. On this series I was using the Canon 60D with the 100-400mm lens. The 60D doesn’t do well with capturing light, so I had a higher ISO. Thankfully Lightroom smoothed out the noise. Is this all Greek to you? LOL !

    • It takes time for them to trust you. I was chasing one guy this afternoon from another family. He decided to pick on a parent of different family ran over one of their kids, then promptly got mad at overturned kid for getting in his way. I had something to say about that. LOL !
      Crazy woman in the garden with the geese.

  3. What a sweet post… Poor girl. But I love how the mates stand such vigilant guard over them — and I love that quote, always have. Such a great reminder.

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