2013 Project 365

Project 364/145 – Terrapin Adventures – As if once wasn’t enough


Life was starting to become a bit too predictable. Birds, barns, blossoms and boats. Surely there is something out there that can help shake things up a bit. Oh that’s right ! Terrapin Adventures in Savage Mills, Maryland offers a challenge course. Guaranteed to challenge both mind and body, Terrapin Adventures has a three-story rope course, and separate climbing tower.

Searching high and low for a friend that was willing to take the challenge with me, I managed to get onto my personal trainer’s busy schedule and went out for a perfect afternoon on the course. We got harnessed in and buckled up and began the course with ease. We were the last ones to get on the course, but many people were ahead of us.


I haven’t been on a challenge course for about year, since I last visited the Aerial Forest Adventure Park in Harper’s Ferry. I was looking forward to revisiting the course that had started it all. Remembering well the Leap of Faith at Terrapin Adventures I wondered if I would be braver this time.

Once again, here I am looking down to the ground just wondering why I think this is fun.


At least this time I’m not doing the course over alligator pits like I did down in St. Augustine’s Alligator Farm’s Crocodile Crossing. But there were a lot of people on the course. Much more than I’m accustomed to. Seems I’ve been spoiled on my previous adventures as I’ve had the course pretty much to myself. This time, each and every movement made by someone else makes the entire course shake. But at least I can do some challenges that I enjoy doing.

terrapin25may13-2593 terrapin25may13-2595

But then we get to the leap of faith. Actually there are two leaps of faith. The first one requires me to jump off a platform and grab mid-air a rope fence like the one above. The second one, you just jump off a platform and are belayed down to the ground.

I have to admit. It took me several minutes to take the leap of faith on the first jump. There were just too many witnesses, I couldn’t back out this time. Sorry, no proof that I actually did it as I was holding the camera. But my friend did it like superwoman.


This is Mercedes who brought a small group of friends to help her celebrate her birthday on the course. Including me, there were two birthday girls on the challenge course. And now..drum roll please…time for the last jump.

My friend Kass.

My friend Kass

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  1. That looks like fun. I used to love doing this kind of stuff, I didn’t know there were adult sized versions of it.
    Last time I did one was the special forces one over water. Aced it, but that’s the beauty of being 15, and not wearing/carrying the full kit.

    • Now that is a totally different thing that you did. That is the real deal. And at 15? That’s incredible ! Sounds like you’ve had an interesting life. I bet they’re starting to get these in Australia also. I know they’re in Europe now.

      • Ah, it was for an army cadets camp that we did at an army training grounds in the bush.
        There was about 500 of us over the week who got to go on the course, but from my group of 20, only around 3 of us completed it.
        So no, it wasn’t as exciting as you first read it, sorry.

        I’ve got some time off coming up, I’ll look into what is available locally.

    • it’s taken me several times over the past four years to get over my fear of heights. I used to literally shake in my shoes in the beginning. Now it’s easier. Although that Leap of Faith almost did me in.

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