2013 Project 365

Project 365/136 – Tweet Tweet

With good fortune, my visitors from Colorado happen to enjoy birding. Leaving the boys at home the girls went out to play. Visiting Wooton’s Landing to see what birds we could find our first discovery was this pair of Hairy Woodpeckers that were busy feeding their little family.

Hairy Woodpeckers

Hairy Woodpeckers

Plenty of warblers were singing in the trees, and this Prairie Warbler was part of the welcoming committee.

Prairie Warbler

Prairie Warbler

This beautiful “Myrtle” Yellow Rump Warbler was busy enjoying the evergreens.

Yellow Rump Warbler

Yellow Rump Warbler

To add to this post, I looked outside just now and saw a stunning sunset. I just had to share. Hope you had a wonderful day as well!


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    • I love warblers and can’t get enough of them. Only problem is – they’re in constant motion! I was reading up on birds and you have so many different birds than we do on the east coast. Perhaps a trip west is due.

      • You’re welcome and thank you Bella—it’s nice to be back. I lost some interest in the photo blog but it’s been renewed with my new travel blog. I love seeing all your new photos—they are really great! I look forward to your next posting.

    • It was one of those sunsets that those colors only last a few minutes. I was lucky that I bothered to look outside of the house and saw it. I trespass on my neighbors and hope they won’t yell at me when I go on their dock.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous snaps – I especially love the ‘stereo woodpeckers’ they make you do a double take and then you realize that your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you!

    • This last week has been rather amazing. Birds, wonderful sunset, tall ships. long birding trip to Delaware Bay, boat cruise on the Bay, Maryland crabs twice. It really should be illegal how wonderful life is.

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