2013 Project 365

Project 365/121 – Mother Goose’s Visitors

This afternoon something new at the dock caught my eye. Could it be that our goose couple had their babies? Nope, she’s still in her nest with hubby close by. Instead it’s another goose couple that brought their newly born goslings to visit.


Grabbing my Canon 60D with the 100-400mm lens, I slowly walked towards the dock. Within 50 feet though, I went to the ground and every few minutes slinked a foot or two closer so I could get a better shot. Luckily, my cat Tuxedo who had followed me down to the water, decided to hide in the vegetable garden. Somehow he knew not to scare off the babies. Who can resist such cuddly little cuteness ! I want to hold one, hug him, kiss him and squeeze him.

While watching the babies, I realized that the two boys were talking smack to each other. Seems our resident couple weren’t too pleased about having visitors, even if there are three cute, adorable babies.

MMgouse01may13-3371Before I knew it, all hell broke loose and our Father Goose attacked the visiting dad.

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The boys flew off onto the river, one chasing the other up and down the water. Leaving visitor Mother Goose wondering what she should be doing to protect her babies.


She decided that her visit was no longer wanted, so dropped into the water with her three babies close behind.

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Off for safer waters.


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  1. Geese are so strange! Those two fighting today may well join up with other geese to form a roving flock that will help protect all the little ones. You’ll have to be quick when the eggs hatch, as the goslings are able to walk and swim when they hatch. The parents will probably lead them away from the nest the very first day. The nest acts as a signal to predators that there may be yummy little geese around, so the parents abandon it as soon as the last egg hatches.

    • That is really interesting Jerry, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. Here I was thinking once the kids were born, they’d just move in permanently. Let’s hope they don’t leave.

      • A few years ago I saw a swan jump on a boat that a young couple were rowing as they came too close to its nest. It was quite terrifying to see this huge bird honking and spreading its wings as if ready to attack the poor pair. I love swans, but ever since, I am very careful around them, especially this time of year when their chicks are hatching. Nature will protect her children and rightly so.

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