2013 Project 365

Project 365/118 – It’s a Small World

Playing with a nifty app on my iPhone 4S this afternoon, known as Simply HDR I wandered over to hubby’s model train room.

A project twelve years in the making, he’s been creating his own small world. The room is filled to the gill with trains that flank the walls and ride the rails of this complex layout. Little people, little cars, to-scale buildings for a multitude of purposes fit into this ‘O’ Scale world.

The app is easy to use, opening it up to take the photo a large variety of HDR filters are available to choose from. So many to choose from I had a hard time finding a favorite. Once the look you want is found, the photo can be easily saved to the camera roll, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram. The original photo is automatically saved along with the edited version.


Original Image


HDR Grain 1

One thing I did struggle with the iPhone is getting the focus spot on. Seems the depth of field is not as much as I would like. Probably because of the low lighting conditions.


It was fun playing with this app, and I can see all sorts of funky things being created with the train room. Next time I’ll figure out a way to stabilize the iPhone and add more lighting to the scene. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the memories! My grandfather had his whole basement filled with trains & tracks. We would play down there for hours. I like the gain effect.

  2. How cool is this room! I’ll bet many hundreds, if not thousands of hours have been spent tinkering and enjoying his time. Love you close-ups, great clarity.

  3. So fantastic!! I have to check out that app…. LOVE those train set-ups, too! I bet his is FABULOUS!! We have antique trains somewhere in my mother’s crazy attic. 🙂

  4. Phone apps can be a lot of fun, I have a few on my android phone. I have to say the model train is amazing, your husband must be very passionate about it, I am going to show my husband, would love to see more photos of it.

    • I really should photograph every part of this train layout. There are so many details in it and hubby really did have a lot of fun building it. But he’s now out of room! Hope your hubby liked them.

      • Yes, you should photograph it more. It is so incredible, my husband just looked at it and wondered about how much it had cost, that is all he seems to care about right now, how much everything costs. I love it. I love how you can see where the ceiling is in some of it.

        • OMG, I think that is what puts my husband off, he started collecting them once before and making a track, but didn’t get far, we don’t have a lot of room. I can say that,

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