2013 Project 365

Project 365/104 – Butter & Blue


A true spring morning with Virginia Bluebells blooming, and Yellow-Rumped Warblers flitting in the trees. Their spring songs lifting even the heaviest of spirits.


Their delicate nature, moving in constant joy and celebration of a warm spring day. Bringing their bright yellow to share with the blue flowers of the bluebells.

tawes14apr13-1598-EditPreferring cooler climates in the summer, these warblers are here just for a short stay before heading north. Imagine such a little thing traveling such long distances on its delicate wings.


As delicate as the blossoms of the bluebells, their presence is short lived.


But even these little warblers, seemingly so safe in the eden they have discovered, must remain wary. As there is a Red Shoulder Hawk keeping a close eye on these tender morsels.

I've got an itch

I’ve got an itch

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  1. These bluebell images are just gorgeous! Bluebells always remind me of English gardens. Hope that cute little Warbler manages to stay clear of the hawk! Happy spring!

  2. I miss those Virginia bluebells – in England Bluebells are a completely different type of plant. I love the way the buds are such a different colour. And in Vietnam there are no bluebells….

  3. I really like the way you have done this post, my favourite is the first image. I love the intensity in the colours. What lens do you use to shoot the birds? They are so sharp and clear.

  4. Beautiful celebration of Spring – great photography! Love the wonderful blues against the Springtime greens – perfect! Real nice close-up of the warbler – shows the textures and wonderful blend of colors of the feathers. These images are great to see this morning.

  5. I love your photography. We get the little warblers in the summertime up here @ 8000 ft in northern New Mexico. I think they are migrating through too tho. I really noticed them at the end of last summer. I got a few quick shots of them. Their little song was beautiful to hear.

    • It’s wonderful to meet you and can’t wait to learn more about where you live. I love the mountains, and other than Sedona, I haven’t been able to explore that area. Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you get to enjoy yet more warblers.

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