2013 Project 365

Project 365/102 – Spring Trees

Spring is fleeting rather quickly this year. With unseasonably warm temperatures this week finishing with a hard and heavy rain today, the trees are quickly transitioning from their muted pastels to green.

Reminding me that life is fleeting as well. That each moment of each day is precious and that all the little treasures that cross our path should be appreciated.

On my drive back from the horse barn, the route takes me through windy country style roads. Each mid-day, I’ve been admiring several outstanding spring blooming trees wishing that it was later in the day for better light.

I remembered how fortunate I was to be able to photograph many days during the winter due to the gray skies. Natures natural diffuser, that quickly disappears with the sun’s bright rays.

After the rain today, the drive home was under cloud cover, allowing me to capture these trees without bright harsh light. Very little were done to these images. Just a little exposure adjustment and some contrast in Lightroom 4.

So happy I was able to enjoy these as I’m on a week-long road trip next week and by the time I get back, they will be flowerless. Click on any image for the slideshow. Hope you have a wonderful spring weekend! Bella

Every day has been so short,

every hour so fleeting,

every minute so filled

with the life I love that

time for me has fled on too swift a wing.

Aga Khan III

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  1. What a sight! Spring is always so fleeting, don’t you think, sandwiched between all that anticipation? Beautiful captures Emily, especially the frailty of the blossoms against the solidity of the stone, very picturesque! 🙂

    • It truly is. I’ve been watching the one tree with the evergreens behind it waiting for it to be in full bloom. Yesterday was the day. I know within 5 days it’ll be done. Thank you so much for your kind words and hope you’re having a lovely spring as well.

  2. Nothing like the gorgeous colors of Spring, especially pinks ~ wonderful photography and so glad you took advantage of being at the right place, at the right time!!

    • Thank you so much Mary. You certainly got my spirit for this. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. 🙂 Perhaps some of these may inspire you for a spring themed painting. Still waiting for you to sell me one of yours. I’ve got the place saved on my wall for one. 🙂

      • Michigan is actually a pretty good place to live, you picked a bad year to start following my blog. I could live with the cold, 40 degrees isn’t that bad. I could live with the wind, I could even live with all the snow and rain we’ve had. But, we have had 0 minutes of sunshine this week, and that’s what’s getting to me. BTW, that stat, 0 minutes of sunshine, is from the National Weather Service, I’m not making it up.

    • Haha ! But I missed the one shot I really wanted which was the red barn with the pink tree behind it. The farm gardener was right in front and wasn’t going anywhere soon. I’ll see if I can get it on Sunday. Thanks for your magical words.

      • Kindness begets kindness. Thank you Emily. I’ve never met so many generous and kind people in my entire life but in WordPress. Congratulations. Perpetua.

        • Thanks to you, I’m finally trudging through the awards I’ve received this year. Wow, it is truly humbling to know what people think about my random mumblings and adventures. Thanks again. 🙂

  3. Beautiful colours. As we head into Winter I have to say I am excited. I realise that winter is the best time to take photographs here, so plenty of time ahead. Only the cold to stop me.
    I love your images here, and you were lucky with the clouds.

    • It’s amazing how we are on such opposites in terms of the seasons. Is it cooling down yet? Do you get snow? Such a different world than mine. Forget the cold! Just bundle up!!
      Thank you so much Leanne for your kind comment.

      • It is a different world, that’s for sure. It doesn’t snow here, though it does snow in Australia, but only in a small portion of it. We don’t have many mountains and that is where is snows. It gets cold, but not like the states, the lowest temp it gets is about zero degress C, sometimes -1 or -2. That is overnight, and the days are usually warmer, we think it is cold if it is 12C. which is 53F. Don’t laugh too loud. I will bundle up, am slowing getting a cold weather kit.
        It has started cooling down and most days are only in the early 20’s, much nicer.

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