Project 365/100 – FDR


A hidden treasure, a well placed treasure next to the Potomac River along the Tidal Basin and across from the Jefferson Memorial stands the memorial for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

A President known for his love of water, and his leadership, this memorial is unique in its nature. Built over 7 1/2 acres, and containing four outdoor rooms. Each room representing a term during FDR’s Presidency. This memorial deeply depicts not only the uniqueness of this President, but also the complexity during his twelve years in office.

Beginning with FDR along with his dog Fala, his disability elegantly hidden by his cloak.


He assumed office during the middle of the Great Depression, and reminders of the era include people in a bread line, and sitting by the fireside listening to a radio are sculpted in the landscape.



Franklin D. Roosevelt managed to hold the country together during the most difficult times America has seen. From extreme poverty, through battling a great evil, this President stood steadfast as a leader for us all.

He held the office of President for four terms. It is because of these repeated terms of office that there is now the Presidential limit of two terms in office.


A truly elegant and noble couple, the memorial includes a statue of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the first United States delegate to the United Nations.


When the memorial was initially completed in 1997, it had been decided to not include a statue showing FDR in a wheelchair. By 2001, the National Organization on Disability raised sufficient funds to include the following statue to complete the memorial.


If civilization is to survive,

we must cultivate the science of human relationships –

the ability of all peoples, of all kinds,

to live together, in the same world at peace.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

31 thoughts on “Project 365/100 – FDR

    • Oh how I wish we had coordinated. We would have had great fun! I wish I wasn’t traveling next week as there is a great house in Baltimore that has thousands of tulips. So happy you made it to DC to enjoy the blossoms in all of their glory.

    • Its ironic, as being an American I had terrible history teachers and I learned very little about a lot of things. Reading more about FDR and Eleanor really makes me realize what true leadership is. Thanks Charlie.

  1. What a history in the making. Thank you for sharing the monuments of a great President and First Lady. Too bad, I didn’t get to see this when I was in DC. Just saw Lincoln’s statue and a wee bit of Potomac River then off to Shenandoah…

  2. One of my heroes!!!

    “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.”Franklin D. Roosevelt

  3. I was drawn in by the stunning beauty of the first photo – could any spot be so breathtaking! And then as I read the rest of your post and each of the quotes embedded in the photos, this post took on a whole new level. How much it gives us hope to know that great men and women have championed the cause of peace and humanity over the ages. And how by their efforts, changes have taken place. It might seem like it’s all darkness in the world today , but I like to think there is also a lot of light. Thank you Emily. Sharon

    • Your comment is so thought filled and provokes the mind. I can’t thank you enough for you enjoying this post and the memorial to the depths that it offers. There are several waterfalls throughout that I didn’t include that have great meaning as well. There is a still pond representing his death even. I think this place has great spirit and soul.

    • I was fortunate to enjoy it all to myself before the bus crowds arrived. Everyone else was on the basin with the cherry blossom trees. There is so much more in depth there that I didn’t have the time to explore. Thanks Mary.

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