2013 Project 365

Project 365/98 – Bones

It’s interesting how little we tend to know about our immediate surroundings. How many times have you wandered down another street in your neighborhood to explore?

Coming home today, I decided to go down a road called Old Mill Road. I was hoping that perhaps at the end of the road there would be an old mill. Alas, that is not what I found at all. In a random spot of woods along the road stood this collection of bones that someone had neatly organized.

untitled shoot-0968-Edit

Three skull heads of three different animals stood on stakes, reminiscent of Roman times. I recognized one as a deer head, but the other two left me curious.

untitled shoot-0971-Edit

untitled shoot-0974-Edit untitled shoot-0970-Edit

Then there were these femur and jaw bones on top of a stump, laid down in a row.

untitled shoot-0975-Edit

I’m not really sure what to think about today’s discovery. Kind of creepy. Kind of spooky. Sort of cool. What do you think?

Canon 7d, 24-105mm L, ISO 200, f/8.0, daylight white balance, aperture priority. Edits in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

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      • No, I wasn’t kidding at all, there are people who I have run into in the woods, that after we’ve talked for a while, asked me if I’ve seen bones or antlers, or just told me that’s what they’re looking for. And, for full disclosure, I usually inspect animal bones that I see in the woods, as far as trying to ID them. But, I don’t arrange them or even disturb them more than I need to in order to ID them.

  1. Erghhhh… Beautiful shots, but I always wonder about people who do this to creatures. Honoring or disrespect?

    Once in Central FLA I encountered bones…on a cross…with a confederate flag. Needless to say, I quickly hiked in the opposite direction.

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