Project 365/92 – Spring at the Manor

Be as a bird perched on a frail branch

that she feels bending beneath her,

still she sings away all the same,

knowing she has wings.
Victor Hugo

Canon 7D, 500mm L, Auto ISO, f/7.1, various shutter speeds. Daylight white balance, -1/3 exposure compensation, centered focus points. Minor exposure edits in Lightroom 4.

32 thoughts on “Project 365/92 – Spring at the Manor

  1. Nice selection of birdies! It was also good to see what the 500 L is capable of, I almost ordered a 400 L today, but I settled for a Sigma 150-500 instead, since I can only afford one lens at this time.

      • I had the 100-400 L in my hands, didn’t like the push pull zoom at all. I am still going to get a long prime lens eventually, and it will be an L series, either 400 or 500, depending on what I learn using the Sigma. I know the Sigma isn’t top quality, but it’s a lot better than the lens I have been using. My next purchase will be the 15-85 EFS lens, then one of the 70-200 L series, so I know where my tax refunds are going for the next few years.

        • Canon makes four 400 mm L series prime lenses, 3 have IS if I remember correctly. The other difference is maximum aperture of course. I used to shoot handheld using a 300 mm lens with a tripler behind it, but that was pushing it. I had the cheap 400 on my list, but since I went with the Sigma, the long prime can wait. I want to do some playing with the Sigma first.

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