2013 Project 365

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in the Life of Remy Martin

Starting a warm spring day with a mid-morning snooze.

Hum..is that mom? Sweet ! That means I get cookies and mash.

Time to get up.

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In the barn we go, while mom tacks me up, I get to munch on some hay.

I’m excited as today is Monday. Monday is run day. Monday is trail day. What’s this? I’m going out with friends?

That’s cool ! We are going to walk through the woods. Wait a minute..aren’t I always the first in line? Why am I in the back? I hate being in the back. Ok..fine…I’ll deal.

An unexpected little storm came up, so back to the barn we went. That’s fine with me as I know my mash is waiting for me.




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  1. I know nothing about horses, have never been in a position to own one, the last time I rode one too long ago to say I was horribly sore in the posterior for way too long, and yet if I get another life I would like it to include a companion horse. Great take on the challenge.

    • LOL ! That is awesome Jerry. Horses are awesome. I am such a typical American girl. All I thought about when I was a child was having a horse. Finally got one in my later years. Basic mash is eash – bran mash and water. Remy’s is special. She has all sorts of goodies in it like dried apples, peppermints, oats. NO wonder she loves it so.

    • If you have an open heart and an open mind, you will hear. Many don’t. It takes a lot of intuition and love to have the true deep partnership. Remy and I have a great connection. Now to work on the beast. Three years in and I probably need two more to get him where I would like our partnership to be.

  2. Makes me want to go back on a horse and go riding again (although the last time I was near one it bit me)…a few years ago I was hoping to hire a pony and go trekking in Ireland for a week or two looking for caves – unfortunately it didn’t work out and I didn’t make it – but it would be nice to be back on a pony again…great pics.

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