2013 Project 365

Project 365/Day 86 – 1939 Chevy

untitled shoot-0700-Edit

It was a challenging morning today. Starting off with not being able to find my car keys, I ended up having to take a secondary car. I had wanted to go birding at Swans Creek, but had forgotten the wind forecast for the day.

Upon arrival, I opened the car door and a 30 mph wind gust grabbed it from me and violently threw it open. When I tried to close the door, the hinge had become misaligned. Because of the high wind, I canceled the birding idea and decided to take the car to the dealership to see if they could fix the door.

It ended up being a fortuitous visit as I had the chance to meet some old salty mechanic dog named Buddy, and to enjoy some beautiful old cars he was restoring.

Buddy is just what you would imagine what an old salty dog mechanic would look like. With a kind and knowledgeable demeanor, and a beard looking like he was a member of ZZ Top.Β He took a quick look at my car door, went inside and came back out with one hand tool. With one smooth pull, he magically fixed my door. With a gentle smile he said he didn’t want a tip.

I was excited to spend some time hearing more about the two cars he was restoring, and this 1939 Chevrolet was clearly his pride and joy. Β Got to love it when mornings start off on the wrong foot, but then quickly become great.


If you treat people right they will treat you right – ninety percent of the time

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Iphone 4S. Edited in Color Efex Pro 4. Detail extractor, old photo, bleach bypass, B&W

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    • I really need someone with a cow prod behind me so I can have the courage to ask to take someone’s photo. Ok..so I’ll go back and see if I can get one of him. I’ll use a print of this pic as bribery. πŸ™‚

      • Never be afraid to ask for a picture. Worst that can happen is they say no. I’m a passionate introvert but I still manage to do portrait work and street photography. The trick is just tell people you are a photographer and that you would like to to take a quick shot of them and will be happy to send them copies if they like. The only people you don’t ever ask to take a picture of is a photographer. Haven’t met one yet, be it pro or amateur that likes their pictures taken. We rather hide behind the viewfinder.

  1. I owned a 8on certain cars or features within the cars. There is a business niche that just deals with the radios that supports these groups. The collectors that follows the 38s is different than the 39’s because of the innovations that year. When I sold the car the enthusiasts, the collectors, that came spent 2 and 3 hours looking at the car. They were amazing people and it was an amazing experience.

    Love the photo, it is like looking at the high school sweetheart you didn’t marry.

    • You are too funny Charlie. The world of antique cars is really fascinating. We had a collection – ok 3 of them – 1967 corvettes and I showed one to help its market value. Wow, talk about a learning experience. I pretended I was a dumb young blond. πŸ™‚ Interesting about the radios. Had never thought of it.

  2. Never underestimate the man behind the wheels. What a sleek looking chevy. I would like to run my hand on those curves. Glad everything turn good.

  3. beautiful image of yours – from a time when cars were CARS –with real steel bumpers and interiors were well made and stuffed with horsehair–i had a few oldies–a 1936 Chrysler 4 door sedan that could comfortably seat 8 –and none of this bucket seat stuff –you could slide your honey up close-and a 1941 Dodge 2 1/2 ton truck –built tough –the windshield cranked up for air conditioning–and for emergency flares it had 2 smudge pots filled with kerosine –split rims which were quite dangerous for changing tires–and the bumper was such that you could ram something and IT crumpled
    you can present anything as a subject and make it interesting and fun and bring it to life as you do with this post about Buddy and the Chevy
    thank you

    • These cars are truly works of art and you can tell the manufacturers of that time had pride and joy in their autos. Today, it’s all about utilitarian and making the car as cheaply as possible. Not quite the same.
      I bet that Dodge “Built Tough” was quite awesome. I bet you miss it and going to the drive through with your sweetheart.
      Thanks for your kind comment about my crazy ideas of what to share with you. Makes my day!

  4. I follow another photographer that shoots cars and aircraft and it is such a cool photo subject. The images are always amazing. I liked your story on Buddy too. Perfect name for a mechanic. You really painted a good picture of the shoot.

    • I don’t photograph cars that often just because the option doesn’t arrive. But I really love old cars, their gleaming chrome and their smooth curves. Something so elegant and strong. I also almost laughed with joy when I saw his name on the uniform. It was so cliche. πŸ™‚

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