46 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 85 – MUNCH !

  1. Very clever, and so very innocent and natural. I love the willing model, the little pony. I notice right away with your photography, somehow the way you capture texture, or maybe it’s the light, activates all my senses and I can easily imagine her soft coat, and the light scent of the broken green sprouts in her mouth. Little horses like this always seems to have a certain attitude, and it’s clear to see that your girl here is no exception. I am so thrilled that you chose to stop and take a couple of the pony. If it wasn’t for something that looks like a blanket tied around her shoulders, she could be just any wild horse, deep in a field of green, munching… the way you did the shot… Makes you use some imagination and makes you look a little closer at the amazing and unabashed honesty in her little face! But then I do love horses so.

    • You are so sweet Cissy and what a fabulous comment you have left. I could only wish to visit some wild ponies. I need to get to Assateague to see them. Indeed, Spirit is quite the character and she had broken loose from her stall. Happily munching away so long as no one tries to catch her. Truly a wild spirit indeed.
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful response to this post.

  2. The way you captured him feasting made me smile and the captions are perfect. Huh, can you floss my teeth now? Even the left over greens on the tongue made me feel as if I’m right there. Great photographer. My brother could use most of your techniques.

  3. great photos!!! i always want a pony/horse that looked like that!!!! the first picture of the pony eating grass.. the color of grass was really good…. i think the pony is so cute… i would love to see more keep posting 🙂

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