Project 365 – Day 83 – Something happened overnight

untitled shoot-9701-Edit


To photographers, this screams “Photo Op”! So I’m packing my bag and heading down to Annapolis to see what I can see in the snow. Hope you’re having a better spring day than I.

30 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day 83 – Something happened overnight

  1. Cold here, too, but yesterday’s snow is all melted. Beautiful snowy scene—have fun, and tell Annapolis hello from me (one of my favorite towns on the east coast)!

    • This happened to me too in France last week. We woke up to find a winter wonderland and I thought we were snowed in and how were we going to get back to the UK. Telephoned the vet down the road for Charlie’s appointment and asked what the roads were like and she said they had no snow at all in the village 5 km away. It all melted away by the afternoon but I took a shot and will post it in next post.

      Have fun xx

    • Don’t know how I keep overlooking your comments, but here I am. Well, I am committed to that photo a day thing this year. It’s starting to be a challenge ! We haven’t had snow this winter, so I had to take advantage.
      Yes, that is real snow in the foggy morning. Amazing huh?

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