Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

All Dressed Up & Ready to Go

All Dressed Up & Ready to Go

Getting all hooked up to run the obstacle course at the Adventure Park in Harper’s Ferry.

Pretty excited about the challenges to come

the last thing I had expected was looking 30 feet down the ground.

The guide asking me to jump!

You want me to jump off this?

You want me to jump off this?

There is nothing more fun than challenging your mind and body on this challenge course. You should give it a try!

The Challenge Course

The Challenge Course

55 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

    • It really is a challenge for me too Charlie. I was really scared of heights and started with a much smaller challenge course than this one. Three years later and I’m not afraid like I used to. Certainly worth a try. You’re quite safe thanks to the harness system.

  1. I’d love to try. I once jumped from about a 5 meter-high platform into the sea in Greece accepting the challenge from my hubby and son, who had already jumped. I couldn’t lose face in front of them.

  2. I am so glad that I can live vicariously through your adventures. You could not get me up more than 5 feet above solid terra firma! Have I told you lately how amazing you are!!!!!

    • I can see that Corinne. You’re probably wise staying closer to the ground. Somehow I don’t seem to get that lesson. After all, I ride horses nearly every day. Talk about taking your life in your hands. At least with the challenge course, you have safety lines.

  3. Yeah, it might be great fun if you’re a ‘rangitan… hahaha

    Great pic of you “all geared up!” Major adrenaline rush, right? Although I am betting you’ve seen and done much “worse.” haha You make photography look fun!

    • Took me a moment to get what you are saying. Indeed a monkey would have great fun. Actually, you’d be surprised. You go slowly and really think through each challenge. It’s thrilling once you’re done to know what you have accomplished though. This was the hardest challenge course I have done so far.

  4. Oh my, better you than me! I tried to climb “Beehive Mtn” in Acadia Park once and once I got to a part with only an iron grate over a small passage way and the steep drop down below, I got down on my knees and literally crawled my way back off that thing and decided that was enough excitement for one day. I stayed on the ground and watched my husband have the time of his life! Good for you and looked like you were into for a great experience.

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