Project 365 / Day 80 – Experimenting

Have you ever sat down with your camera and played with all the buttons. Some of these cameras offer fancy in-camera editing like my Canon 60D. These in-camera edits are available only when shooting .jpg images and not RAW.

Here is my original image with some basic Lightroom edits: Noise reduction, Clarity +26, Green, Red & Yellow luminance & saturation boosts, and black clipping -10.

Original image

Original image

The filter I wanted to see was the miniature effect. It didn’t do exactly what I thought it would do. I was hoping for a Lensbaby look.

Miniature effect

Miniature effect

The next one is a lot of fun and I can see all sort of creative images coming out of the “Grainy B&W”

Grainy B/W

Grainy B/W

There is soft focus – not too crazy about this one. Sort of boring.

Soft Focus

Soft Focus

And last, but not least the Toy Camera effect with three different tones. Although I don’t quite get this filter.

Toy Camera - standard

Toy Camera – standard

I’m not sure which one is my favorite one of these options. Ok, changed my mind. If I were to show you just one of these. I believe I would show you the Toy Camera on. Which one do you like best?

Now I would love to see what fancy little buttons on your camera can create. Do share!

28 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 80 – Experimenting

  1. Those effects are a lot of fun. I like the miniature setting on mine, as well as the B&W. Don’t use them too often, tho. But yep, agree with you and Phil—like the toy camera effect best out of all of these.

  2. I would like to play with your camera. Let me see, Mini has a blurry effect, Grainy appears to be postcard, Soft is soft, Standard I was drawn to the edging instead of the boat, that leaves me the Original. I like the Original based on my unprofessional picture knowledge.

  3. If I had to choose one, I suppose it would be the grainy B&W. My DSLR is so old that it has no such settings to play with. My Powershot does however, so maybe I should try playing with them one of these days when there’s nothing to shoot straight up.

  4. I also vote for the Toy Camera version. It looks like someone is spying with a telescope, so again, it adds a story to the photo: Why Is someone spying on the boat? Who owns it? What’s going on in there? A world of endless possibilities and another novel. It could be part of the ‘mysterious’ barn you showed the other day with the discarded shoes.

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