Project 365 / Day 78 – Coins of the World



Money makes the world go around, the world go around.

And when traveling inevitably some coins from those travels end up at the bottom of your pocket with nowhere to go but home as souvenirs.

A few contributions from family members, I have an international conglomerate of lost and forgotten foreign coins being held in a brass chest. Several of these coins made obsolete with the introduction of the Euro.

From the blue tropical seas of French Polynesia, to a secret 1915 coin from Cuba. All of these coins could tell a story. Italy, France, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, pieces of the world remain in my pocket.

I wanted to share with you what some quick editing with this Nik Color Efex Pro software can do. The image above is the original image. With some clicks here and there, here is my final photograph. Isn’t technology grand?

Shot with Canon G12. Color Efex Pro 4 Edits: Detail Extractor, tonal contrast, film grain, darken/lighten center.

After edits

After edits

For industry to settle in a country,

you first need electricity;

for electricity, you need some trained workers;

for trained workers, you need some schools;

for schools you need some money;

for money, you need some industry.

Evan Davis

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