Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch!

Picnic lunch on the trail - Provence

Picnic lunch on the trail – Provence

I’ve had some fabulous lunches in the least expected places. Taking inn-to-inn trail rides in Provence where lunch is served in shady woods, complete with wine and an hours nap time.

Tapas in Carmona, Spain

Tapas in Carmona, Spain

To fabulous tapas in Carmona, Spain between the morning trail ride and the afternoon dressage training ride at Epona Equestrian Center.

Lunch at a Portugese Hacienda between riding lessons - Morgado Lusitano

Lunch at a Portugese Hacienda between riding lessons – Morgado Lusitano

And elaborate and freshly made lunch meals outside of Lisbon high on the hills at an old hacienda between morning and afternoon dressage training lessons.

Lobster rolls in Maine

Lobster rolls in Maine

Who can resist fabulous lobster rolls in Maine?

Guinea Pig in Peru - my daring sister

Guinea Pig in Peru – my daring sister

And only the daring will try the “cuy” or guinea pig in the sacred valley of Peru.

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch!

      • It would be impressive to see some one turn a propane tank into lunch! Seems like the results would be a bit hard to chew. 😉

        Sorry, my weird sense of humor escaped there for a second, though I would be impressed. It sounds like when I whip something up for lunch using my propane camp stove, and those results are often hard to chew, and even harder to stomach. 🙂

        • I’m trying to find the picture of the guy cooking, but for some reason I can’t find it on my harddrive. I’ll keep looking though. He was quite a character, but a brilliant campside cook.

  1. I am glad you chose food from various parts of the world. The tapas made me feel homesick! And I don’t think I could try the guinea pig with its head on, even though I am sure it tastes like chicken!

  2. Emily – Great and inviting lunches on your culinary jaunts on horseback. That Guinea pig lunch looks fab. You know, down in Rome, they love their “porchetta,” which is probably what your sis is enjoying up in the high altitude of Peru. Again, great job of showing us the sights and a glimpse of some fantastic international cuisine Nicely done. Brava!

    • Hum..didn’t know Romans at porchetta (guinea pig). I thought only the Peruvians did that. Easy protein source to farm though. You don’t need much space and just some alfalfa grass. So happy you enjoyed these food horsey adventures. The food really was fabulous.

    • I forgot to mention the lobster rolls, love those wonderful guys they are probably the best part to your lunch series! Just made them two weeks ago; lobster was $9.99/lb here in TX. Whenever those prices come around down here we get some nice rolls, butter them up – set them under the broiler for a nice golden color and fill them w/luscious freshly cooked lobster meat. Got to love it!

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