Project 365 / Day 76 – Shocking Perspective


Thanks to Lynford Morton of Phototour DC and creating his Photo Project 2013 on Google +, this week I’ve been given a new photography assignment. The project? A composition and perspective challenge to photograph a subject by going around 360 degrees. Trying to find a perspective that goes beyond the first look of the subject.

Also known as “Working the subject” this exercise helps to look at something in countless different ways. I had headed up to Baltimore this morning in search of a bird (yes I found it) and drove briefly through Druid Hill Park. A park steeped in history, Druid Park has ended up being a beautiful inner city park where safety is a bit of a concern.

I discovered this old abandoned home shown in the image above. My first perspective was it being framed by the trees. Somehow the sepia tone worked better for this photo.

My next perspective brought me a bit closer to the home.


Where I started to appreciate the archways and doorways of the home.

bwi130317-8277 bwi130317-8289-Edit

I liked the cupola on the roof, and the random brick in the exterior wall.

bwi130317-8280 bwi130317-8282

And I even noticed a random pair of sport shoes abandoned nearby.


I wanted to walk a full 360 degrees around the house, but there was crime scene tape towards the back. Granted it was old, but made me still wonder what had happened.

And then the image that tells a story. A story of a boarded up, and forgotten home. Left in the middle of a city where anger and frustration lies. Where those who forget that they are in a beautiful and natural park, still want to leave remnants of ugliness. Warning: Some may find this image offensive

I contemplated editing out the words left behind for all the world to read. But then, the message would be gone. So here it goes…


I know that this is a post that isn’t my standard pretty butterflies, flowers and happy happy, joy joy. But being reminded of the dark side helps us to appreciate the bright side of life.

For this Google + photo group, Anyone can join!  Whether you want to do a project 365, or project 52 or just post in the photo challenges, this is a great group to post your photos and share with others.

Of course I need to share the bird and leave you with a happy happy, joy joy feeling. 🙂 These are Yellow Crowned Night Herons that have just returned from their winter vacation.

Yellow Crowned Night Herons

Yellow Crowned Night Herons

44 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 76 – Shocking Perspective

  1. Great perspective, it isn’t so bad. There are worst graffiti I’ve seen. But the herons are beautiful. That reminds me I have to show and tell about the herons in Vancouver. I love the texture of these pictures.

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t think the graffiti too bad too. But you never know with other readers. These herons are so cool I had never heard of them until recently. Can’t wait to hear about your herons.
      Thanks of the compliments on these images.

  2. Oh I really do love this. I adore coming across these kind of places and this one is very beautiful in a neglected way. I think I would have to find out more and then go back and photograph it with that in mind too. I like gritty reality and I think you have caught it really well here.

  3. Bravo, Emily! Love the story…amazing photo of the brick archway/doorway. So many textures. Thanks for introducing me to those beautiful herons!

  4. This post and pictures are truly needed. I love your captures. Sad to see a forgotten place.
    It makes you wonder. The herons are gorgeous!!

  5. A very thought provoking post, and photos for that matter. The house looks upper-middle class, it makes me wonder how and why some one abandoned it, but I wonder that about every ramshackle house I see.

  6. Funny how WP picks out the image. I have had them do some really pointless ones. Not pointless to the story, but out of context says nothing of the post or post title. I like the study you did in this post. It shows the raw look at urban life, the run down and neglected. Also the crime and abandonment. Nice work and nice story.

    • I figured it out! When you upload the images to your wp post. In that dialogue box, scroll down and look to the bottom right. There is an option to select the feature image. I hope that is with your upload box too. Thanks on the compliment for this post/pics. I really thought the house did tell a story.

  7. This is a very interesting project and I love the angle you’ve taken with it. One could write a very creepy detective or mystery story about this barn; what with the shoes and the taped up door…. Imagination could fly wild!

  8. not a boarded up forgotten house – but a discarded memory for many – except those that lived in that 360 we get to see – what a story it could tell
    what a story you have wrought with your images
    thank you

  9. I really like this series. This was once a beautiful house and I love that there are those of us who still look for that beauty amongst the bones. I particularly like the black and white with the graffiti – wonderful contrasting lines and the graffiti fits in composition and subject. I find the shoes most disturbing…how does someone lose their shoes???
    The herons are a wonderful closing chapter! They look as if they’re wearing royal capes 🙂

    • I really wondered about those shoes too Maya. Clearly they are a man’s shoes and left in a way that seemed as if they were running away. The house is pretty awesome. What an interesting design it has. I wondered about that alcove. Kind of small for a regular car/carriage.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment. Glad you enjoyed the herons, they are cool.

  10. Great challenge find – the house has lots of wonderful character punctuated by neglect and abuse. Really good eye to find this one and see the beauty it offers. Police tape scare me, and black shoes say stay out curiosity isn’t worth it, and graffiti – too bad, it’s sad. Love that you ended your piece with a spot-light on life, the herons are beautiful creatures.

    • It’s ironic how something seeming so innocent, although neglected can hold so much mystery and curiosity. I loved this old house, and the graffiti boarded up windows just was the icing on the cake. Thanks Mary!

  11. I love old structures like this. Very intriguing! I love to imagine the stories behind it. I really didn’t find that image so offensive…I’ve seen a lot worse!

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