Project 365 / Day 75 – An Early Spring Day on the Bay

Waiting by the dock

Waiting by the dock

There is advantage of living on the Magothy River that leads out to the Chesapeake Bay. The maritime life of being on the Chesapeake Bay floats by throughout the day.

Across the water sat these small boats and canoes, waiting for a warmer spring day for a gentle float along the river.

Boat Dog!

Boat Dog!

The Chesapeake Bay is known to have plenty of boat dogs. Dogs that love to cruise down the river, having their master at the helm.

Fishing for yellow perch

Fishing for yellow perch

These cold early spring days bring the yellow perch to the quiet Beechwood park across the river. Little known, but only to those devout fishers they quietly hope to catch some golden treasures.

The migrating Osprey have returned, heralding the true beginning of spring. Frequently fishing near our docks, I look forward to watching them throughout the warmer days.



Life is grand on the Chesapeake Bay. Perhaps one day you’ll come to visit to enjoy her treasures.


30 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 75 – An Early Spring Day on the Bay

  1. I do have to visit some day. My brother lives near that area too. Someday I must make the trip a little longer and enjoy this place. I agree, there is a lot of advantage to your maritime life. I love your Osprey shot. Any tips on shooting against the gray sky. I find this really difficult.

    • Haha..don’t ! It is really tough. The exposure is just fine ad you manage to get plenty of light, but then the bird gets silhoutted. I use post processing to bring up the shadows. I also hope for a different angle for perhaps better under belly light.
      Do use + exposure compensation and cloudy white balance

  2. Emily, really, a beautiful picture, with the bright blues and the silvery texture of weathered wood – a lovely walk in fact around your bay, though the fishermen remind me of just how cold it still is, in early spring. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind and generous comment. I really am amazed with the fisherman. In cold near freezing temperatures, they’ll be thigh high in the water early in the morning in hopes for a perch. Appreciate your visit.

    • It really is a gorgeous place. I have my own boat I’m allowed to drive without hubby. Made a promise to myself to take it out more this year in the mornings and evenings to take photos. Can’t wait to share more life on the river/bay.

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