Project 365 / Day 62 – The Sky was Painted with Snow Geese

Snow GeeseMiddle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Snow Geese
Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

The geese didn’t disappoint today, and with a quick visit I was able to witness three flushes of at least 25,000 geese filling the skies. It didn’t take long to fill my 32 gig memory card, so now the assignment of trudging through all of the images to pick out the best ones.

I was playing around in Nik Color Efex with this image and clicked on something that created this painted image. I thought it interesting and wanted to share. What do you think? I’ll share more images of the geese with you tomorrow.

37 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 62 – The Sky was Painted with Snow Geese

  1. Thank you birds so a beautiful, please stop on my blog soon I am leaving solo sailing around the world in a very tiny sailboat San Juan 24-foot from Washington state probably in may of 2013

  2. This photograph is an amazing shot, I love the tremendous freedom that is felt through your lens. Gorgeous against the blue sky – fantastic work on this trip!

  3. You know, I’ve had some shots turn out looking much like that when I’ve downloaded them from my camera, and promptly deleted them, as they weren’t sharp and clear. Then, I think that I shouldn’t have deleted them, as I do like the artistic aspect, and I really like seeing your photo. You are making me rethink my never edit anything nature philosophy, as I do really admire the photos that you edit and post. But, that’s because you do it extremely well, not like so many others.

    BTW, it must have been a good weekend for birding, I filled both of my 2 GB cards on Sunday, one of mostly eagles, the other, mostly waterfowl.

    • You are too funny Jerry. 2 gigs? Ha! That is 2 images of mine in the RAW mode. You are very kind to like my photo edits as I know it’s not your cup of tea. The duck shots are the more normal edits that just enhance the color, sharpness and reduction of shadows on the face that you would appreciate.

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