Project 365 / Day 58 – A Face You Can’t Resist


After an 11 mile hike in Patapsco Valley State Park, I grabbed my camera and went up to photograph Cascade Falls. Shown in an earlier postΒ on Day 46 “A Walk in the Park” I wanted to take the time to think through capturing the waterfalls. There were heavy rains the day before, and the streams and waterfalls were full today.

I did manage to get some lovely compositions with silky water. However on my way back to the car, this cute little miniature husky stole the show. Perfectly adorable with bright blue eyes and superb markings, how could I ever resist that face ! He was a perfect photo model, looking at me with such alertness. Seems he could teach Sunshine a thing or too.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

Canon 7d, 50mm f/1.4 USM. 1.0 Sec at f/22, ISO 100. Cloudy white balance.

52 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 58 – A Face You Can’t Resist

  1. Interesting focal point in your falls shot…. i find that the log dominates dominates with it’s crisp texture while the water adorns like long soft silky hair tresses. Softens the energy of the cascading waterfall.

  2. Wonderful photography! Love that beautiful face and blue eyes this one could melt hearts. The waterfall is stunning with its fullness and great speed, looks like a lovely silk veil clinging to the rocks. Beautiful!

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