Project 365 / Day 56 – Bravery Under Fire

Lothian, Maryland

Lothian, Maryland

One man stands along a remote country road in Lothian, Maryland. Standing alone as he did 150 years ago in Stephenson’s Depot during the American Civil War. A Confederate solder from Anne Arundel County, Pvt. Benjamin Welch Owens remained standing against Union troops while his friends lay dead next to him.

Fighting off the enemy by continually firing his canon until reinforcements arrived, Private Owens showed true courage under fire.

Part of Maryland’s Civil War Trail system that shares historical routes throughout the states involved the American Civil War. This monument was erected on June 19, 1999 by one of his descendants with private funds.

Set on the grounds of the Mount Calvary Anglican Church that was built in 1873 as a Southern Methodist Episcopal Church. These two strong and noble structures show the meaning of courage and bravery in one’s darkest hours.


Canon 60D, 24-105mm f/4.0 L. 1/250 Sec, f/16, ISO 400, Daylight WB. Lightroom Adjustments: Luminance Smoothing +40, Sharpening +6, Medium Contrast Tone Curve, Shadows +24, Clarity +24, Vibrance +10.

20 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 56 – Bravery Under Fire

    • HEHE…Ok Jerry. Just for you I have added the shooting metadata on the last three posts for you. I’m trying out the 50mm this week as I bought it 2 years ago and never use it. I prefer my Canon 7D over the 60D, but now I’m taking both bodies out with me. The 7D has the 500mm L Lens on it, the 60D with the 24-105mm L lens on it. I used to have the 18-200mm that is the kit lens with the 60D, but the photos don’t come out nearly as crisp as they do with the L lenses.

      This shows that the glass is the most important thing. Hope this helps!

  1. Wonderful photograph and I especially like learning the background. A beautiful strong monument against the strength of church and strong blue sky – hallowed ground. This is what true courage is all about . . . thank you for sharing this with the world.

  2. The technical quality of the photo is superb. I love the detail and the composition. Still it is hard to not be saddened by the subject matter. The number of causalities at just one battle like Gettysburg was over 50,000. It is a conflict that has scares that have not healed totally even to this day.

    • I think it’s important that we don’t forget the stories that are part of the fabric of our history. The individuals that sacrificed their lives for what they believed in.
      I live near Gettysburg and on one visit with a guide he said the stench after the battle was horrid. Horses and people rotting in the hot summer heat. Can you imagine? This year is the 150th celebration. I’m going to try to make it, although I’m sure it’ll be super crowded.
      Thank you so much on your kind compliment on the photo. I’ve been practicing A LOT !

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