Project 365 / 47 – Barns in the Mist

IndiansOwls130216-4348 IndiansOwls130216-4350

Today was a day when Mother Nature wasn’t sure what to do. Starting with some light rain, then showing cloudy cover and ending with fluffy rain drops that could almost be called snow. In spite of the weather, the day was filled with life’s light.

Standing on the rolling hills of Maryland stood these two barns in viewing sight of each other. Next to Greenstreet Gardens in Lothian, one of old, one of new.

Do not let a flattering woman coax and wheedle you and deceive you;

she is after your barn. 

My friend and I traveled to Lothian, Maryland to visit the Hoot is in your backyard event at Greenstreet Gardens. Beginning with a presentation with Mark Wild Turkey Tayac of the Piscataway Indian Nation and his son Naiche, then followed by an Owl presentation by Liz Owen of Raptors Eye this promised to be a unique event. 

Indians and Owls. Who could go wrong?

Today was a fantastic photo opportunity day, and I’m looking forward to sharing more from the Piscataway Indian Nation, and the Owls. Stay tuned ! Bella

18 thoughts on “Project 365 / 47 – Barns in the Mist

  1. Your photos are unbelievable each and every time. The first barn looks abandoned.., and I love the look. The red barn is gorgeous! Outstanding Emily!!

  2. Oh I am so late today, just trying to get caught up. These are fantastic photographs! My favorite is the first old gray barn against the gray/cloudy sky is exceptional.

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