Project 365 / Day 46 – A Walk in the Park

Thomas Viaduct

Thomas Viaduct

Come and enjoy a beautiful spring-like day today at Patapsco Valley State Park in the Avalon Area.ย An area rich in history along the Patapsco River, the land was first owned in 1761 by Caleb Dorsey and named “Taylor’s Forest.” Rich in iron, the first production was Pig Iron which was exported to England.

Caleb Dorsey passed away in 1771, and his two sons succeeded him. “Iron Head Ned” and Samuel Dorsey continued operating the forge. During the American Revolutionary War, Musket maker William Whetcroft leased the forge to manufacture cast-iron parts for his weapons. However in 1783, the iron works were behind on their tax bill and the forge was closed.

The property was auctioned off in 1815, and Benjamin and James Ellicott purchased the property and began the Avalon Nail and Iron Works in 1822. The original Nail and Iron works building was burnt down in 1845, and a new plant was built by John McCrone.

But this was a place that was not meant to last, and a massive flood on July 24, 1868 filled the Patapsco Valley in the area and heavily damaged The Avalon Works. Source: Maryland Historical Trust.

The bridge shown above was built in 1835 and known as the Thomas Viaduct. This is the world’s largest multiple (eight) arched stone railroad bridge built on an arc.

Parking at the Swinging Bridge, the morning was bright and promising. A group of Koreans has just finished their morning hike and were enjoying a lovely cup of tea with cakes.

Swinging Bridge

Swinging Bridge

This hike took us up the Cascade Falls trail towards Cascade Falls. There has been a lot of rain lately and the falls were full and the sounds of falling water greeted us from afar.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

The large granite boulders in the stream with shadows gently laying on their surface showed how Mother Nature can tower over us.

untitled shoot-2000

But there is nothing more spectacular than a bright blue sky with the trees reaching towards the heavens. Forever showing hope and promise of a new beginning.

Reaching Sycamore

Reaching Sycamore

27 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 46 – A Walk in the Park

    • I hadn’t realized how special this bridge is until I came home and researched it. When I googled images for this bridge, all sorts of exciting new and old photos showed up. I agree ! Hours photographing this bridge is in order. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I love these places where man and nature come together and then nature takes back what man has abandoned. There is a similar place with a similar history not far from where I live here in Cardiff. It is in the Neath Valley. A beautiful trail with wonderful waterfalls but also dotted about with ruins from the Industrial past when South Wales was the powerhouse of the world.

    The South Wales valleys were once full of coal mines which devastated the beauty of the natural landscape. “The Rape of the Fair Country”, what a wonderful title, was written about it. But the coal mines have gone along with the jobs but nature has taken back what man spoiled. The area is now an unemployment blackspot but the natural landscape is beautiful again.

    Thanks for this, Emily, a great post.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this story Corinne. Indeed, coal mines are quite destructive, not only to the landscape but also to those workers and their families that worked the mines. It is amazing to hear how quickly nature took back its land. Have a lovely day!

  2. I am blown away with these shots! Captivating, brilliance, and breathtaking!!!
    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?

  3. I love how you documented your workout walk! The bridges and fantastic structures and your angles and lighting for both images are stunning. The waterfall is a nice one as well – love the veil-like appearance.

    • Thank you so much Mary ! I am having fun with that Antique B&W present by Yellow Sky Actions. This week my photo coach was talking about creating a ‘style.’ I’m such a Gemini, my tastes are so variable and my photography reflects that. All sorts of different looks. I think this preset may become my standard for these types of images to help to create a style. Although I believe in allowing each image to be expressed individually.
      The waterfall was taken with my point & shoot which has its limitations, but the waterfall is easy to reach, so I need to get back up there with the big camera when the light changes & there are leaves on the trees in spring. Oops..sorry for the long response. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • LOL, from one Gemini to another – styles are very hard to settle on! I totally understand, so much appeals to me from subject, to mediums, to style of painting. The bridge was a fantastic photograph!

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