22 thoughts on “Project 365 / 40 – In the Music

  1. It’s really quite extraordinary, isn’t it how long this ‘new’ technology stayed on in our everyday life, sending telegrams around the world until recently, and telexes on offices until well into the 80s – but it was its insertion into the piano – purely for pleasure – which always made me smile, because it seemed to reflect the dream of so many of us to be able to make music, even if we lacked the skill!

    • I remember the telex days. I used to send them all the time overseas when I was a travel agent in the 1980’s. And then the fax was the next best way to communicate without a long distance phone call. Now it’s instantaneous! Imagine ! Facetime !!

      This is a stand alone music box, although paper music rolls were well used in pianos.

    • This is called a Mandolina Organette. and was made in the late 1880’s in New York by the Mechanical Orguinette company.
      I had no idea what it was as it was hiding in a closet since I moved in with hubby. Thought it was a cash register !

  2. I love it! I am unsure what it is but I know it is vintage. I had a little laugh because underneath your quote you have your camera listed, iPad2. We have come a long way from the picture to now! Wonderful post and perfect quote 🙂

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