Project 365 / 36 – What’s on the Other Side?

untitled shoot-1973

What’s on the other side?

The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.
David Russell

Canon G12. Lightroom edits: Medium contrast tone curve, noise reduction, YSA B&W preset: Impressionista, OnOne Preset: Gritty-Medium, LR Vignette 2, clarity added.

34 thoughts on “Project 365 / 36 – What’s on the Other Side?

  1. I love bridges! In my life, they have come to signify a transition of time, location or thought. What a wonderful way to celebrate day 36! Great quote! Another one for my collection…

  2. Fantastic shot, wow! Look at the lines – they are tremendous bringing movement and energy to this scene. Oh yes, I do wonder what’s on the other end of the bridge – question: move forward or stay back?! I’m choosing to move forward ~ Mary

  3. I love the photo! The county installed an almost identical bridge here for the path I walk everyday, and I’ve been eyeing it since it was set in place. But, they’ve got a big ugly barricade in front of it which ruins any photos.

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