Project 365 / Day 31 – An Acrobat

untitled shoot-2841

Yesterday’s photo is a really hard act to follow, and today was a normal day with the usual activity of trying to not get clobbered by that white mare.

I have a variety of bird feeders at home with a variety of food, and in particular this lovely peanut ball. A new addition for the woodpeckers that seemingly have no interest, which has given this squirrel ample opportunity to figure out how to get to it. It took about a week, but sure enough, with his little legs on the branch and hanging upside down he can get his snack.

I watched this fat little squirrel on other birdy goodies, and sometimes he decides to jump on full force and inevitably falls off.


untitled shoot-9866

untitled shoot-9860

untitled shoot-9868


As you can see, it doesn’t take much to entertain me. Nothing like having my own Cirque du Soleil in my backyard.




47 thoughts on “Project 365 / Day 31 – An Acrobat

  1. Your photos are great, you got to love their high energy and flying leaps!

    But last Friday, as I was painting in my studio, I kept hearing banging out on the porch area. Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and went out to investigate. Well wouldn’t you know a squirrel had decided to make a nest inside the down spot of our gutter AND was chipping off wood from our porch floor. It took us a bit of time to get the guy out – but he ate into it for about $300.

    I love the little guys, from a distance. Still, I had a smile and enjoyed your shots.

    • Indeed, we do love and hate them. This is a crazy story, and silly squirrel getting him tucked away in your gutter. Ours run across our awnings like they are trampolines and have been seen chewing on the edges. Not good… I keep telling the cats to catch them, but they’re too lazy to.

      • Such a love-hate relationship with those creatures. Most of the time I feel nothing but love . . . and then there are those few times. We hear them early in the morning running full speed across the roof, it’s hillarious – three of them playing together.

  2. Ah this cheered me up! I love ‘squiggles’ as I call them (love the motion they make when they run and caper…very liquid and flowing) – I had 2 run across in front of me on my walk to work this morning, and one of them narrowly escaped being flattened by a bicycle…phew. i have a new camera, and I cant wait to be able to capture one on some shots.

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