Abandoned in the Snow – Project 365 / Day 24



We finally  had some snow arrive overnight. A fluffy one inch layer of beautiful and pristine white snow dusted the landscape upon rising. Taking my camera over to Kinder Farm Park, I quickly found myself at a barn with abandoned equipment and other random items.




There were many bits, and pieces left laying in a row along the roadway left to the elements. Some farm equipment, some apparent restaurant equipment and other non identifiable items.


I needed practice with getting simple compositions as my birding photography seems to have taken over my photo moments. This equipment abandoned in the snow was an intriguing subject, challenging me to find unique views.



Of course, silly me trying to multitask and adding this short photo shoot on the way to another appointment, I was severely underdressed for the 20 degree weather with a wind chill.



So I took what photos I could in a short period of time, hoping that I was able to get something interesting to show you today. Bringing the photos home, I edited them in Lightroom, giving a medium tone curve, and applying OnOne’s Preset: Grandma’s Lemonade which I think gave the perfect nostalgic feel to this photo collection.




I hope you enjoyed this quick brisk walk with  me, and hope you’re having a warmer day than I. Now off to chase some blackbirds AGAIN from my bird feeders. They’ll eat me out of house and home within 10 minutes if I don’t! Bella


PROJECT 365 / DAY 24


28 thoughts on “Abandoned in the Snow – Project 365 / Day 24

  1. Congratulations with the snow, Emily, you deserved some too. Interesting colours, they suited the pictures very much. I haven’t had time to try OnOne much, and only have the free ones. Did you buy a set?

  2. I see that you made the switch from birds to other subjects quite handily! I find that the same things happens to me, I shoot so many bird photos that it takes me a few minutes to remember how to shoot other things.

    • Practice, Practice, Practice ! Actually, I was only there for about 20 minutes. I’ve learned to immediately go away from the obvious which is standing at full-tilt. I squat down, bend sideways, check and recheck through the viewfinder for the composition before taking the shot. I used to take nearly 1000 on an outing with lots of throwaways.
      I’ve also had coaches that have helped me:
      – What is your subject?
      – Rule of thirds
      – Keep it simple
      – Fill the frame
      – Make sure there’s enough space on top for cropping (my habit)
      – Try an alternate view.
      Hope this helps!

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