Our House is a Very Merry House

Academy Bed & BreakfastAnnapolis, Maryland

Academy Bed & Breakfast
Annapolis, Maryland


Our House, is a very Merry House. Full of Christmas cheer beckoning all to come from far and near. It is a time of celebration and joy, perhaps there may even be a drummer boy.

Enter our house and leave your cares behind. For inside you will find great merriment. A house that will hug you with warmth and delight. Bright sights and sounds filled with holiday spirit.


Delightful decorations hanging by the chimney. Perhaps Saint Nick will arrive soon. So whether you are naughty or nice, Santa will think of you.



Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

39 thoughts on “Our House is a Very Merry House

    • So just how hot was your Christmas Leanne ? Did you see the Canon Mark II is now discontinued? Wonder what the next best thing will be that they will bring out. Hope you had a wonderful time and find a moment to relax yourself.

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