Funky iPhoneography Swans


Going through some of my recent photos, I came across this photo of some Tundra Swans on the Chesapeake Bay. It wasn’t the greatest day to photograph them as it was rather cloudy and they were far from where I was standing. But I still enjoyed this capture as there are four of them looking in the same direction.

So I decided to play with the photo with some apps on my iPhone 4S. Starting with a Smugmug App named Camera Awesome, I began to Awesomize the photo. Playing with different filters and borders, this is now my Awesomized picture.


What do you think ? For those who were tuned in earlier today, I attempted to create this post with the WordPress app on my iPhone, but strange things happened, so I had no choice but to return to my laptop.

How about we all get Awesomized?

Awesomize [ˈô-səm-īz]


To trick your friends into thinking you’re a famous photographer.

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  1. ‘hahaha’ – just when I would write “It works fine” so the post was gone… ‘hahaha’

    But it works fine,now, both the lovely postcard and the “non-postcard”… 🙂 😉

    • Confession time Phil. I thought I had done this in Camera Awesome and went back trying to find the adjustments and couldn’t find them ! Dug around some more and found out that I had done this in PS Express. OOPS ! Maybe I should correct this post. 🙂

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