Foot Prints

Tobacco & Corn

Driving through the country roads of Lancaster County near Intercourse, Pennsylvania, corn and tobacco crops are plentiful. With corn being harvested and tobacco drying high in the barn eaves, something that is an every day scene for the Amish is special event for me.

This morning is for your viewing pleasure and this afternoon more awards will be presented to many deserving fellow bloggers.

For those that are waiting on pins and needles to find out what is behind the Bishops Door, well….I went and looked at my photo library and honestly was quite disappointed by the lack of photos I took in the garden, and what I have aren’t what I consider show worthy. So either a new field trip is due, or this may be a wonderful opportunity to be creative.

For now, let’s enjoy some Tobacco & Corn. Have a wonderful day ! Bella






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  1. I like very much these photos of crops, Emily. It is crops we don’t have, but that I have heard about, and of course we have both in the shops. That is, it is forbidden to display tobacco products in shops now, believe it or not, but you can get it if you know what you want and ask for it…

    • Really Bente? For certain you have corn at least I would think. Norway truly is an innovative country and trying to care for their citizens. They just legalized marijuana in a couple of states here for recreational use. Smoke still the same.

      • No corn fields in Norway, Emily, too cold. But I guess you can find a couple of plants in some gardens in the south part of the country. We even have problem growing wheat you now.. Barley and potatoes on the other hand! πŸ™‚

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