Hoofbeats on My Heart


Blame it on the Breyers

Truly, it is all Breyer Horses’ fault. If I didn’t have such a fantastic collection when I was a child, I never would have had a horse obsession. My whole childhood was about horses. What do you want for your birthday? A horse… What do you want for Christmas? A horse… You would have thought my parents would have gotten the idea that I wanted a REAL horse.

Alas, my Breyer horses had to keep me company instead. I spent many hours creating paddocks, trails and stories for my Breyer horses. http://www.breyerhorses.com/home?  They are still with me, and have managed to survive this 40+ years and many moves from one home to another.

But finally the stars aligned and four feet with four hooves showed up, warm and breathing into my life. In first entered Justin, an insecure, but loving Thoroughbred. Good ol’ Justin most certainly taught me that I knew absolutely nothing about horses ! He was a complete basket case when he was brought in alone, with his friends back out in the paddock. It was all I could do to throw him into a stall and watch him wigg out. There’s a term that is used that described the relationship Justin and I had, “Green on Green.” A truly bad mix. At least one of the partners should know what they’re doing.


But I was determined to try to make it work. Overall, he tried to be a good boy, but truly, his nervous Thoroughbred nature was just too much for me. So I had to send dear Justin back to his old home so that he could be with his original mom and his horsey friends.

Each horse has so much to teach us. Whether or not we want to recognize what that lesson is, is in itself a lesson. These lessons teach us our abilities and limitations, both physically and emotionally.

Justin certainly taught me how to recognize my shortcomings as a horse owner, and to be willing to walk away when I had to.

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