Project 365 / Day 35 – Waiting for Warm Weather

2013 Project 365, Nature



A cold day on the Magothy River.

Parts of it frozen, while the sun has melted the ice where the water moves faster.

A lone sailboat waiting for warmer weather.

Hoping for a visit from its captain to open up its sails to float freely across the bay.

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Emily Mitchell is a freelance photojournalist specializing in travel and outdoor adventure. Author and producer of the blog Hoof Beats & Foot Prints, she shares her travel and adventure experiences on foot and by horseback. Every part of the world mixes the past with the present. Appreciating the local culture with its historical roots, but yet with a fresh eye for adventure, the best of each destination is showcased. Emily is well-seasoned traveler, with visits to over 20 countries, and career experience in the travel and hospitality industry.

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